Yes, innovations. Also Anzi Sinolink Europe BV cannot and does not ignore the importance of renewal. 

 Recently Anzi Sinolink Europe BV started the development of 3 types of battery riveting tools. One with capacity up to 5.0mm all stainless steel rivets, one for structural rivets and one for rivet nuts.

At present the first out of three developed tools is being manufactured in mass production and is already successfully launched in the market worldwide.  The tools for setting structural rivets and rivet nuts will be tested at the production of a few customers in short-term.

While mass production has been started, Shanghai Anzi investigates renewal of existing processes in their production which will contribute to the maintenance and enlargement of our market share worldwide

Unique and innovative


A new generation of hand riveting tools for both standard and structural blind rivets and blind rivet nuts will be produced with a specially developed system that brings off a remarkable smaller and lighter tool whereas the tractive power increases in disproportionate strength due to the patented double clamping system.

Research and Development

The new box inlay

The Nova Tool