For more than 20 years Shanghai Anzi Industrial Co. Ltd. is present in the European market as supplier to various buyers who distribute the product as private label.

To take a better advantage of the needs and new developments in the market, Shanghai Anzi has taken the initiative to establish a daughter company in the Netherlands. This company is called Anzi Sinolink Europe BV.

Anzi Sinolink Europe BV represents a number of leading Chinese manufacturers  in Blind Fasteners and has the duty to develop the European market for the various manufacturers. This way the Chinese partners can concentrate on production and on new developments specifically.

Anzi Sinolink Europe BV is specialized in:

  • Standard and structural blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, hand tools and battery riveting tools
  • Special products according to your design
  • Innovations
  • Private label

Anzi Sinolink Europe BV cooperates with a well-known and highly experienced Logistic Centre where all products are received, checked, stocked, packed and shipped throughout Europe and over sees. All deliveries are arranged from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Volume orders will be delivered from China directly.

Through our web site Anzi Sinolink Europe BV can give each business contact access to our ERP stock system. This way you have our stock data to your disposal quickly and efficiently at any time.


Our warehouse in the Netherlands

Shanghai Anzi Rivet Factory

Shanghai Sinolink Tool Factory